Saturday, December 4, 2010

The LA Auto Show

 The day after Thanksgiving, us menfolk in the family decided it was time for our annual trip to the Auto Show. Only this time, instead of going to the San Diego Auto Show (a big disappointment last year), we decided to try the Los Angeles Auto Show. So up I-5 we went.
 It was a very clear day, and there was not a sign of smog in the LA Basin. We could actually see the snow-capped mountains to the northeast.
I also discovered a few Drive By Shooting ops (see posts after the show), including this gentleman. As Judas Priest would say...'Breaking the Law, BREAKing the Law!" See you in the Auto Show...

Join us as we tour the LA Auto Show. True to my "too much is never enough" philosophy, there will be enough posts to choke a horse.

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