Sunday, October 16, 2016


 We went with friends to see Foreigner this weekend...fantastic concert!  I know I usually save videos for the end of the post, but this one came out so good I'm going to insert it here:

 To allow my wife to gamble a bit after the show, allow us to drink a bit, and to allow us to relax a bit we purchased a room just steps away from the concert hall...very nice!  Had a living room...
 ...bedroom, and a walk-in closet.
 My wife, dressed and ready for the show!
 Rockin out!

 They brought up a choir to assist with "I want to know what love is".

The mellow setting in as the show winds down.

And last but not least, my wife looking lovely as ever the next morning after a heavy night of having fun!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Troy & Teo's Birthday and Ron & Mary's Visit

 Ron & Mary came down for the weekend, and the whole family went to Stone Brewing Company for dinner...always fabulous food there.  Here are Troy and Mary getting started.
 The boys were celebrating their birthdays while Ron & Mary were down (Teo just turned 5, Troy is about to turn 7) and wanted a trip to Chuck E Cheese, so that's where we went the next evening.  Here is Troy using a game.
 Ron & Mary about to eat some pizza.
 Teo surprised to see me with my camera.
 I asked him to smile for me and he obliged even though you can tell he'd rather be running off playing games.  What a great kid for being patient with grandpa!
 Ron & Mary gave them these costumes for their birthday.  They bought them while they were in France this summer.
 And of course we always get a few excellent photos while we are at CEC.  Troy and Dave.
 Teo and Mary.
 Mary and Teo.
 Teo and Mary.
 Teo and Dave.
 Teo and Dave.
 Teo and Troy.
 Teo and Troy.
Troy.  We also gave the boys motor vehicles for their birthday (their request, and they picked them out).  Troy's motorcycle arrived first, and it is shown in the videos below.  Teo's ATV will be in a future post.

Mary's New Volvo

 While they were down Ron and Mary bought a Volvo - traded in Mary's Focus.
 The bought a beautiful 2015 Volvo V60 T5 Premium - a really gorgeous car.
 The reason they decided to buy down south as opposed to the bay area is that dealers up north wanted $5K more and wouldn't budge on price.  This one was $5K less with more options, less miles, and a certified Volvo warranty!  Not bad for a short weekend trip!

 Troy, Mary and Cooper.
 Troy checking out the wheel.
The next morning.  While at our house, Cooper injured his paws while left in the back yard.  So the first trip in the new Volvo was to ABC Vets to patch him up! See video below.

Heading Home

 Cooper was so good, even with his paws bandaged.  Here he is watching his mom and dad pack the car for the trip home.
 Here is what he is watching.
 Everyone saying goodbye.
Bye Coop, Mary, and Ron!