Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Troy and Teo - One Fine Saturday Afternoon

 Here are Troy and Teo enjoying a Saturday afternoon at our house.

 Teo had just awaken from a nap - stretch!
 Troy had built this great structure for his trucks.

If you're wondering why there are more pics of Troy than Teo, it is because it is hard to get Teo to sit still long enough for a photo at this age!  I do have quite a bit of Teo on film - he doesn't have to be still for that.

Troy and Teo - Movies

New Phones - Samsung Galaxy S4

We bought new cell phones last week - Samsung Galaxy S4s.  I have to tell you that I usually don't get excited about a new phone, but I LOVE this one!  It is just the right size - much bigger than our old phone.  And it is light and very easy to use!  

I've had Motorolas, older Samsungs, HTCs, and even iPhones but have never really enjoyed using a phone until this one.  It just brings a smile to my face!   Sometimes I will pick it up just to play with it - which never happened with my previous phones.

Short Sighted Design: New Patio Furniture

 We bought new patio furniture from Sears a couple of weeks ago.  Very nice stuff, we like it a lot.  But....there is one part that is very poorly designed.  Flipping the table over, this is where the legs attach.  Notice how the legs don't touch the bottom of the table.  That means if someone sits on the table, all the pressure is put on the thin strip of metal leading to the two screws.
Bad, bad design.  But I came up with a solution.  I cut a few small pieces of wood and wedged them in to fill the void.  Problem solved.