Wednesday, July 20, 2016


 We went to the fireworks with the boys on July 4th.  Here is Troy trying to decide if he wanted his jacket on or not.  Having fun!

 Teo snuggled up in his chair, all smiles!
 Teo stretching to get a look at the photo my wife is showing Troy.
 Troy enjoying a snack.
 He glows!
 We even brought ear covers to protect their ears should the fireworks be too loud for them (they are very close).  Turns out they didn't need them, but it did give them peace of mind knowing they were available.

 Teo chatting with his brother.

 Teo getting a back rub from my wife.
Ready for the show!

Northern California Loop

 It was my wife's mother's 70th birthday, so we flew up north to join the rest of the family in a celebration.   This is as we are making the approach to land at the Sacramento Airport.
 We made it over to Lake Tahoe late in the afternoon.
 Just as gorgeous as ever - it had been years since either of us had been there.

 My wife on a pier.
 Yours truly.

 At the base of the pier is the restaurant we had chosen for dinner - Gar Wood's.
 As we entered the restaurant.
 The food and wine were great, and they seated us at a view table.  Perfection!
 From there we went to the Silver Legacy in Reno and checked into a few room.  This is the view from our room.
 My wife did a bit of gambling that evening while I used the bar lounge to enjoy a few tunes.
 The next day we spent poolside getting a few rays.
 We checked out the entire hotel/casino and those next door too.
 Getting ready to gamble Saturday night!
 We joined my wife's family the next morning for a few hours in Virginia City.  If you look down the road, you can see a few of the wild horses that came into town to enjoy the morning also.
 A few shots of the city.

 From there, we went to Carson City to attend the celebration of Clara's birthday with family.  Neal.
 My wife.
 Neal manning the bbq.

 A group shot.

 Sara brought her guitar and played a few fantastic songs for us - very enjoyable.

We also had time to visit my sister for the first time in years before heading back home.  Here is a shot of our house from the air.  :-)