Saturday, July 25, 2015

Riding in my pickup

Me giving Teo and Troy a ride to my house last Sunday morning.  It was a good day!

New Cell Phones

 Due to an unfortunate accident at last weekend's concert,  we needed to get my wife a new cell phone this week.  And while we were there, we decided to get one for me also.
We both had the Samsung S4 (right) and upgraded to the Samsung S6 Edge for my wife (center), and the Samsung Note Edge for me (left).  We're still getting used to the new phones, but think we're gonna be very happy.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Alice in Chains at Pala Casino

 We went to see Alice in Chains at the Pala Casino last night.  We were in row 21 and settled into our seats early.
 As dusk fell, the show as about to begin...
 They really did put on a great show, and they had many more songs we knew than we realized.
 I would say my favorites were Rooster (a clip is below), Man in the Box,  and No Excuses.
 Videos of each are included below.
The setting at the casino is great,  right beside the pool.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 4th Pool Party

  We went to Jim & Roxy's annual July 4th pool party and had a great time!  Here are Troy and Teo poolside.

 Troy in the pool!
  Teo chillin.

 Dave, Teo, Troy.

 The other kids practicing their Australian Stance.
 Teo drying off.
 C'mere, grandpa.
 Teo, Nikki, Shevaun.
  Jim and guest.

 Sword fight!  OK, noodle fight.
 Our gracious hosts Roxy and Jim.
Mr. Turtle winding down the evening.

July 4th Movie

Good Places To Eat in San Diego This Month

Coronado (5 miles west of airport)
Il Fornaio - Excellent Italian food, close to San Diego bay
Peohe's - Great view of San Diego and the bay, great food, 70s decor
Sheerwater at the Hotel Del Coronado, overlooks Pacific Ocean from Victorian era hotel

Gaslamp (5 miles south of airport)
Strip Club Restaurant - cook your own steaks - fun atmosphere
(any random restaurant in Gaslamp - sit out front and watch the ppl walk by)

Little Italy (1 mile south of airport)
Mimmo's - Excellent Italian food, sit out front watch the activity, lots of fun

Kearny Mesa (5-10 miles northeast of airport)
Butcher Shop - reported Mob hangout, classic steak house,  superb steaks and atmosphere

Solana Beach (15 miles north of airport)
Crush - fun place, great food, close to ocean

San Marcos area (35 miles north of airport, 5 miles from our house)
Stone Brewery - Excellent food, top notch wine and beer,  Spectacular setting, really something!
Carmela's - Excellent Italian food, classic setting, great service, very well known in north SD county
Old California Mining Company - In restaurant row, great food and wide variety,  nice atmosphere

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Foo Fighters - Keepin It Clean

I think I've liked everything the Foo Fighters have ever done - their songs, their videos, even the way they go about their lives.  Just very very fun folks.

Found this video of the Westboro Baptist Church boycotting their concert this year...and Grohl and the boys had a very fun reaction.

But reading deeper, I found out this wasn't the first crossing between the FF and WBC...WBC boycotted a 2011 Foo Fighters concert, with even funnier results!!

I know, I know, WBC does it all just for the attention so this plays into their hands...but it is fun the way the FF point out to the rest of the world where they stand and how they can't be ruffled.  Cheers, boys!