Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Prepping For The Wedding

All the pieces to the outfit the boys will be wearing in the wedding have arrived and they tried them on for the first time Sunday night.

I'd say the look works extremely well on them!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 California WorldFest Videos

California WorldFest in Grass Valley, California.  July 2014

Matuto (Appalachia / African / Brazilian)

Matuto (Appalachia / African / Brazilian)

Matt Anderson (Blues)

Ozomatli   (Latino / salsa / samba / funk)

Ozomatli  (Latino / salsa / samba / funk)

Ozomatli  (Latino / salsa / samba / funk)

Benyoro (Mallan)

Claire Lynch  (Bluegrass)

Los Lonely Boys (Tex/Mex Rock)

Los Lonely Boys (Tex/Mex Rock)

Arriving in Sacramento

 When we arrived at the Sacramento airport baggage claim, we found a car just like ours in the building!  Well okay, a different color interior and exterior...but just like ours!

And Enterprise handed us a Dodge Charger as a rental!  Very sweet ride...we enjoyed it very much.

Now....On to WorldFest!

Achilles Wheel at 2014 California WorldFest

 Well, we finally made it to WorldFest again this year!  The first band we heard:  Achilles Wheel playing some very fine rock ensembles featuring a wide variety of stringed instruments.  What a great way to start a music festival!
 We sat at the back but had an excellent time.

 My son Ron and my wife...

Mia Dyson at 2014 California WorldFest

 Mia Dyson playing bluesish country rock on the Pine Tree Stage.
 It wasn't my favorite band of the day, but then we didn't have very good seats.  That may have influenced my listening ability.

 Hey!  The singer from Achilles Wheel was in the audience!

Jaffa Road at 2014 California WorldFest

 We heard Jaffa Road's Arabic / Jewish / Indian music indoors at the Welcome Stage, where the air conditioning was a welcome respite to the hot afternoon sun.
 They turned out to be a very enjoyable band...loved their music!
 The sound guy.
Our son Ron in front of the chair, helping prepare for the next band.

Patchy Sanders at 2014 California WorldFest

 I don't know how you would describe Patchy Sanders, but they describe themselves as Celtic / Folk / Appalachian / Medieval / Bluegrass.  Whatever they call it, it was very enjoyable.  They stole the violinist from an Oregon orchestra.
 The two women in this view are sisters.
 At one point, two of the band members acted out one of the songs.