Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disneyland - Arrival

 We arrived right when it opened at 9 AM, but had to wait in line 30 minutes - THIRTY MINUTES! - to get in even though we already had our tickets.  Turns out there was some new rule where they had to photograph everyone who entered, and the computer system was bogging down.  Disneyland is usually so efficient at everything, it was extremely frustrating to get caught in that mess.  Yawn!
 On the way there, we caught this Mercedes in camo.
 This looks to be a Mercedes GTS - and looks just like the version that is currently on the market, so I'm not sure why it needed camo.
 Maybe there is some nuance I am missing...
I'm not a big Mercedes fan, but I could certainly see owning this one!

Disneyland - Astro Blasters

 When we entered the park, we made a bee-line for the back of the park where there were less people.  As we rushed by Astro Blasters, Teo said "HEY!  I want to ride that one!"  I could tell by his voice that he remembered it from last year - when he was THREE!  What a memory.
 So we did Autopia and the submarines, then came back to Astro Blasters for Teo.  Here we are waiting in line.
 Buzz Lightyear greeted us upon entering.
 Troy and my wife sat right in front of me, so I was able to get a few good photos of them, considering the low light conditions.

 If you look between Troy and my wife, you can see Teo's head also!  He as riding with Lucy.

Disneyland - King Arthur Carrousel

 One of Teo's favorite Disneyland rides is the carrousel, so we make sure to ride it every year.  Here is his grandma pointing out grandpa taking his photo.
 Now he's embarrassed!

 Ready to start!  Let's go!

Disneyland - It's a Small World

 The boys had been to Disneyland twice before, but  both times Small World was closed.  So this was their first opportunity to ride it.  They usually close it right after Halloween to decorate it for the Holidays, and since that is when we go to Disneyland we always miss it.  For some reason they finished decorating early this year, so we were able to ride it!
 The line was pretty short so I had to work quickly to get photos out front.  David and Teo.
 David looking like a giant.
 My wife with Lucy just behind her.

 Let's go!  Troy and Lucy sat in front of me.
 Rounding the bend.
 almost there!

 Make sure and watch the videos below and they are great.  I must say the holiday decorations are superb.

 Teo was mesmerized.

So was Troy.

Disneyland - Mid Day

 The four Things in front of the Matterhorn, the next ride on our list!  Troy, Lucy, and David rode it while the rest of us went to the Carousel for Teo.
 It was a gorgeous day - just the right temperature...very enjoyable.
 We were all starved by the time we sat down for lunch.  Here are Troy and Teo playing while they wait for the food to arrive.
A show just outside of Toontown.

Disneyland - Toontown

 Now that we've had some lunch, let's go to Toontown!
 My beautiful wife and handsome son.  And the Disneyland train going over the overpass.

 Here's the whole gang.  Front row:  Troy and Teo.  Back row: David, Lucy, and my wife.
 We went to Mickey's house!  And what an excellent photo!  Teo even posed for the photo this time.  This was the FIRST TIME he would ever stand close enough to a character for a photo!  What progress!
 That's Mickey's house to the left of my wife.
 Teo enjoying a fun moment while Troy rode another ride.
 Lucy and Teo.
Teo really wanted some popcorn, and he polished off most of the bag during the day!