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The New Bar

Well I'm wrapping up construction of the new bar.  I purchased the first part in May, so it has been 7 months coming - but well worth the wait.  I used the bar discussed here as inspiration.

 I designed the entire bar including the top which I custom ordered from a company in Texas.  The rest was all built by me and my son David.
 I'm still making adjustments to the lit niches, but you get the idea from the photos.
A close up of the top design

 Going upstairs, here is what it looks like...
 Adding in the bar stools for a little splash of color (and a place to sit - !!! )
What it looks like from the front door with the bar stools in place.

Approaching the bar.

View from the hallway.

Another close up of the top.

Many heartfelt thanks to those who lent a hand:  David, Ron, Brad, David's friend, and most of all my wife who helped often but complained little.

Still wrapping up the back side.  The interior color will eventually be a deep purple, and I need to add the smoked glass back there also.

Since it snuck it's way into a few of the photos, thought I'd mention the 1966 GE console stereo that was in the living room the entire time I was growing up.  I love the design and it holds a special place in my life.  Thanks for giving it to me Dad!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A San Marcos Thanksgiving

Carving the turkey

Enjoying the afternoon.




Troy making cookies with my wife

 Mary and Ron

A more serious Teo

Thanksgiving Dinner preparations

Do Wacka Do