Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ike Turner is Dead

Ike Turner died today. This fact would not even merit me reading the newspaper article, except for one thing: he lived in San Marcos, California. He is the only celebrity that I know of living in San Marcos, and a few months back I was behind a large SUV (a black Escalade, I think) with the plates IKETRNR so I'm pretty sure that was him.

I know very little about the man except for these three facts: he was married to the talented and tenacious Tina Turner, he is regarded as making the first true Rock recording in 1951, and I once read an interview with him where he described the way he cleaned his ears while touring....he did not use a Q-Tip but instead a safety pin which inadvertently punctured his ear. Ouch! Such a grotesque thought that I remember it to this day.

I did google him once and was able to determine which house was his here in San Marcos. If you're interested I can point it out, but be forwarned: it is your average, run of the mill, 1600 sf 1980s house on Viewpoint Drive.

Man, this is the second post I have spent talking about celebrities. It is coincidence, I swear. We are not starstruck here in this household.