Sunday, May 8, 2011

Daisy's Birthday Party - The Photos

This weekend was the birthday party for a good friend of ours, Daisy. It was a beautiful afternoon for a party, and we all had an excellent time. Here is a photo of the birthday girl here.

Troy (along with his mother Lucy) were there also.

Even though he is 18 months old, he still has only four teeth. Here he is finishing off a tortilla chip.

Both our sons, Ron and David, used to pack their cheeks full of food when they were eating. We always theorized that they did it to ensure their dad (me) didn't eat all the food before they had a chance. But even Troy packs his cheeks...maybe he worries about his dad?

A good side view of that full mouth.

Somehow he decided that it was a good time for a big belly laugh...that kept Troy occupied for about 5 minutes!

Okay, back to playing with the motorcycle...

Here is Lucy, 4.5 months with our second grandchild.

A very sleepy party-goer.

As soon as the music started, Troy started dancing! It is very obvious that he's been watching Lucy's sisters who do the Mexican Ballet.

Troy and the rest of the male kids fished ice cubes out of the cooler every chance they had.

And then it was time for cake!

Daisy with her closest friends.f

Daisy's Birthday Party - Troy Dances!

Lucy's sisters do the Mexican Ballet and have very beautiful outfits that they perform in. Troy has very obviously been watching them perform, because when the music came on at Daisy's party, Troy started to dance!

Here he is, right when the music came can almost see the desire to dance come across his face...

You can see the moves Troy does below in this video link.

And then, Troy started dancing with his cousins:

Look at them spin! Just like the Mexican Ballet dancers here:

Daisy's Birthday Party - The Movies

Troy and the other little boys would raid the cooler for ice every so he is rubbing a bit of it on my leg...

Daisy's sister introduced Troy to her son also:

The boys shared a toy very nicely:

And Daisy gets a taste of her birthday cake: