Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ron and Beth's Wedding

 We went to Ron and Beth's wedding reception yesterday.  They had a small private wedding on the beach, and then invited us all to their reception.   It was a very fun time!

Winding down late night at their home.  That's the happy couple in the center - great people!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pala Casino Concert - Toto and Yes

 We went to the Pala Casino in early September to see Toto and Yes perform.  The concert started unusually early - 6:30 PM.  Scroll to the bottom to see a few video clips of Toto and Yes from that evening.
 I've been a big fan of Toto since I was a teen, and this was actually my third time seeing them perform.
 They played a pretty good set...most of my favorites from the early days (except they didn't do Georgy Porgy!)  and some new stuff that I didn't know at all.
 Then Yes took the stage.  This was my first time seeing them live.
I'm less familiar with their work, but they did do a few songs off 90125, which is the material I know best.

 Now the lights started getting wilder!
Pala Casino opened a "wine cave", so we went down to check it out.  Here is my wife and our friends.