Friday, December 26, 2014

While The House Slept...

 Since I'm usually the first one up in the household, I took the opportunity to record what the house looked like on Christmas morning, bright and early.
 Well, well, well.  Santa has been here!
 A bike and workbench for Troy.
 A car ramp and bike for Teo.
 Holiday cards on the bar.

Presents under the tree.

 Stockings hung on the fireplace, guarded by ninjas.

 Zander, do you remember giving us this?  It is still on our fridge.
And now,  time for the house to awake...

Christmas Presents

 Time to open presents!
 Troy and Dave.
 Teo opening Diesel, a Thomas the Train toy.
 Troy opening Spencer, a Thomas the Train toy.

 Lucy and Troy inspecting a toy.

 Hungry Hungry Hippos!

 Troy the Knight of San Marcos.
Land Ho!

 Ninja Teo
Teo the Pirate.

Christmas Dinner

 It was a beautiful day in Southern California.
 Teo stepped out back with me donning his new pirate outfit.

 A family portrait.  Front: Troy, Teo.  Back: Lucy, David, and my wife.

 Dinner time!  A time when knights and pirates break bread together.  The pirate appears to be asking pointed questions about the liquid potatoes.

Enjoy the feast, maties!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

GSV World Glimpse: San Diego Skaterz

 I was looking at Google Street View to research airport parking (it changes often) when I came across these frames of a group of teen skaters coming down the hill.
 It was an interesting glimpse into their world, the way they dress, the packs they run in.
 It basically is a way for young teen males to rebel.

 This guy has the rebel look down.  Backwards cap, cigarette, ripped jeans, long hair.