Monday, July 7, 2008

Bosch Ovens Take Silver

For whatever reason, I have ended up on the mailing list of an appliance design magazine at work. I often think magazine companies do this sort of thing on purpose to boost their circulation numbers, but this one still caught me by surprise.

As I did a quick thumb-through of the magazine on it's way to the circular file, I happened to notice that the oven we purchased this year had taken silver in the 21st annual Excellence In Design (EID) awards. Interesting! Others are appreciating it as much as we do.

Reading the text, it sounds like it won for two reasons, one which we had noted during the purchase, the other we hadn't paid much attention to. We knew it had the European Convention capability, and that did factor into our decision. But the two-hour self-cleaning feature had apparently went right by us at the time.

Anyway, winning a silver would not have influenced our decision one way or the other. But it is nice to note anyway. And for the record, Bosch dishwashers are excellent also....the one we bought is so quiet we don't even know it is running until it purges itself of water.