Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drive By Shooting: Orange County

 OOOoooooOO I just love this car. It is the new Volkswagen CC. I think it is one of the best designs to come out in a long time, and it is very original. Hats off to VW, and as a matter of fact it is currently running near the top of my list as our next car.
JB auto styling vote: A
Toyota Camry. Bland, bland, bland, bland, bland. In any color. Not a bad car. Just bland.
JB auto styling vote: C
Almost a total lack of styling. It's a work truck, so it's not a problem.
JB auto styling vote: C
 A Toyota Corolla. Ron and I talk about this car quite a bit. He defends it. I badmouth it. Another car that isn't bad. It just isn't good either. It just is.
JB auto styling vote: C+
 I'm embarrassed to say I can tell if this is an older Camry or Taurus. Just goes to show you that, if you are trying to keep the largest market share, you gotta make'em as bland as possible.
JB auto styling vote: C?
 Another Corolla. It's a crappy photo, but I am including it because I think the people's shadow against the glass is cool.
 Lexus RX400. I think. I see'em all over. They remind me of a realtor's car. They cause no emotion in me, positive or negative.
JB auto styling vote: B-
A little BMW 3 series convertible with aftermarket wheels. Pretty sharp, in my opinion. This is the last generation of 3 series that looked svelte. After this, they started looking very overweight. They gotta lay off that German chocolate.
JB auto styling vote: A-
 Older BMW 7 series. Good looking, but almost every other generation 7 series looks better. Still pretty nice though, and roomy.
JB auto styling vote: B+
Front-end Prius styling looks pretty good. Back end sucks. Everything else is kinda boring.
JB auto styling vote: B
 Old VW microbus. They are old, slow, stinky, and not fun to drive. But I still love'em. As does almost everyone. Don't ask me why.
JB auto styling vote: A-
 Newer Mercedes E series. You know, for years I've disliked M-B styling. But the last few years, well they are really shaping up. Especially the little black couple pictured here. It's looking mighty fine.
JB auto styling vote: A-
The last generation BMW 5 series. It never quite gelled, to me. It appears somebody started out with some good design concepts, but the car was rushed to production before they were refined enough to be called complete. Just my opinion.
JB auto styling vote: B

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