Saturday, December 4, 2010

LA Auto Show: Honda

 The first thing we saw upon entering the show was this beautiful CR-Z. To tell you the truth, in photos it doesn't look that great, but in person it is super. A fine follow-up to the 1980s CRX (even though Honda claims it isn't).
 My youngest son David is a Honda fan and wasted no time sitting in a black CR-Z.
 It is apparently to his liking, as he never even noticed the camera.
 A Honda Clarity was also on display. It is being offered to a small select group of people for testing right now.
 The plaque for the Clarity.
 A Honda Civic coupe. This generation, Honda gave responsibility of the Civic back to the engineers who had much greater say. While some of the styling is definitely better (such as the rear view of the coupe), much of the rest of it falls flat. And the two-tiered dash, that's just weird.
Just released, the new Honda minivan is quite the looker, inside and out. Up until recently, the Chrysler minivans have been the best in my book. But I now give that title to Honda - I really really like this new generation.

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