Saturday, December 4, 2010

LA Auto Show: Dodge

 Here is a car that Ron and I had been waiting to see: the new Dodge Charger. It's not even on dealer lots yet.
 We are particularly interested because Ron just bought a prior year Charger, so we wanted to see the continuity between generations. Our verdict: It certainly looks like a Charger, and it definitely looks better in person than in pics.
 To me, the taillights are an improvement over the prior gen, but they aren't as sharp-looking as they could have been. In theory they should be drop-dead gorgeous. In practice, they are just 'nice'.
 While red is great on many cars and is nice on the Charger, there are probably other colors I would prefer more. Like a nice dark blue.
 My favorite view of the new Charger is the front end. In my opinion, they nailed it. Very aggressive, very distinct, very Dodge.
 And that grille! It sticks out further than the bumper! I guess it must absorb shock too, or they couldn't have done it that way. But it looks very very sharp. Great job, Dodge!
 Ron is a Dodge guy and he really likes the new Durango. While it is hard for me to get excited about any SUV, this does look mighty fine. For an SUV.
 It has a very distinctive Dodge nose...
 And the interior looks very upscale, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. No complaints here.
 My wife is in love with the Challenger. Especially black Challengers. And I'm a big fan of metallic black. So wouldn't you know it, there is one at the show. Just look at this fender.
I'm not as wild about this one accented with a blue stripe, but Ron certainly does look good sitting in it, doesn't he?

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