Saturday, December 4, 2010

LA Auto Show: GM

 Now here is a car we were very anxious to see at the auto show: the Chevy Volt which should be hitting dealer lots any day now. I loved the original concept car, was a bit let down when I saw photos of the production version, but in person it is awesome! A very aggressive stance, very nice lines for it's size class.
 There were tons of people wanting to sit in it, and they each spent po-lenty of time in those seats so we didn't even try to sit up front. But I did get to sit in the back, and loved the interior. Dashboard is light years ahead of the Prius, very Apple-like. Can't wait to start seing them on the road. Luckily, SoCal is one of their first areas for introduction so I should be seeing them soon. Congrats, Chevy!
 Between the buildings, we noticed that GM had a gaggle of vehicles that could be taken for a test drive. Great idea, kind of an extension of the "Auto Show In Motion" concept they used to have.
 Someone taking the new Camaro for a spin. Love the Camaro, hate the stripes.

 I was going to bypass this GMC concept (called Granite), but David was drooling over it so we went over to take a look.
 Here he is drooling. He seems to like little box-on-box rockets, witness his attraction to GTIs. I can understand it I guess...lots of power in a little package = lots of fun!
 The interior. Silver-gray and brown is not my favorite combo. And the obligatory suicide doors that every concept must have, apparently.
 Now here is a concept I did love, from Cadillac. Probably will never see production, and that's too bad because it is lovely.
 I wish all cars had doors like this. No more door-dings inthe parking lots.
 Notice the little window slivers in the A-pillars. Very nice touch that would no doubt never make production.
 David and Ron discussing the concept model with an actual model.
David and Ron discussing the actual model in front of the concept model. Just joking.

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