Saturday, December 4, 2010

LA Auto Show: Porsche

 The Porsche area was an entirely separate room from the rest of the show (which was comprised of two massive halls), and it opened with a display of the original 1950s blue Speedster that was the first Porsche in the US. Next, this new blue Porsche Speedster was displayed, showing I assume that Porsche has stayed true to it's roots.
 Yes, the display was getting plenty of attention, so I assume show attendees agree. It is a sharp car, I must say!
 I was also very impressed with the way Porsche handled the show. As opposed to some upscale brands who roped everything off (are you listening, Aston Martin and Rolls?), Porsche let everyone sit in, touch, and drool on every car. It shows they understand they are cultivating future customers.
 Here is Ron sitting in a Boxster. That's a pretty big smile!
 Another view of him in that Boxster. There was actually a line waiting to sit in it, so he didn't spend long in that seat.
 Porsche had three of each their models in each row. Here is the Boxster row.
 Here is the Cayenne row. Not being SUV fans, we didn't spend long here.
 Here is their 911 row, with a potential future customer getting plenty of seat time.
 Just look at that hood. That's quite a shine, looks very sharp.
 Back to the Boxster row, here is a Cayman (basically a Boxster with a roof).
 And then we approached the Panamera row: the first four door Porsche. I, and many others, questioned this move by Porsche but apparently I was wrong. Reports are it is outselling the rest of the Porsche line.
 And the auto show gave me a glimpse into why. I had expected that it was men who still wanted a sports car while their family grew that were buying them. But as these pictures show, the Panamera was actually being view by women. Look at the other photos in this post: most of them are devoid of females. Except the Panamera pics.
 Here is David caught unaware he is on camera.
Ditto for Ron.

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