Thursday, December 2, 2010

LA Auto Show: Mazda

 Here's a little car I've always loved: the Mazda Miata. Ooops, it's called an MX-5 now, sorry. We actually owned a white one for a few years. We probably would have kept it except it had a black interior and no a/c. You might think a/c is not needed in a convertible, but that is not true.
 Miata has kept true to the British sports car formula of light, small, and low to the ground and it shows. They've added reliability to that formula, which is what has made it so popular.
 Apparently Mazda feels that it has grown too heavy though, because I hear tell the next generation will be lighter. This one is a beauty in this deep blue.
 Mazda displayed a concept car that supposedly foretells their new design philosophy. It looks mighty fine, so I welcome the change.
 Anything to get rid of that smiley face that all Mazdas now have (take a look at the Miata pics above). They look like they are from the movie "Cars".
 No smiley face here. Looks rather sinister if you ask me.
 Voluptuous curves down the side, too.
 Love the wheels.
Side mirrors seem comically thin, until I realized they actually housed rear-viewing cameras.

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