Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drive By Shooting: Orange County #2

Lexus.  All my exes drive a Lexus.  JB Styling Vote: B+
 Now here is a truly hideous car: the Toyota Echo. It is so ugly and so cheap, I can't imagine there will be any left on the road in 10 years. It's right up there with the Yugo and the Chevette. Yikes.
JB auto styling vote: D-
 And at the other end of the scale, a silver Dodge Charger. Very well designed, very pleasant to the eye.
JB auto styling vote: A
 A really bland Saturn L300. I call'em the American Toyota. Blends right into the background. Not a bad car, but what a yawner. Yawn.
JB auto styling vote: C
 A Jeep Rubicon. Another car I don't quite understand, but I guess if I wanted to spend my weekends destroying mother nature by driving my gas-power, big-tired, tank over rare plants, well I'd probably buy one. From a styling point of view, pretty handsome yet masculine.
JB auto styling vote: A-
 A red Chevrolet Equinox. Another very bland car. Never do I give one a second look. Do you?
JB auto styling vote: C+
 Now here is a photo of a Volvo S60 that I really like. Volvos have actually been looking better and better the last few years - and not just because I'm getting older. They've gotten away from the box on box styling and have actually spent some time coming up with pleasing designs. And in this color, the S60 looks especially pleasing.
JB auto styling vote: A-
 Here is a car that almost always catches my eye, especially from the rear or 3/4 view: the Cadillac CTS. Very pleasing lines, though the wheels could stand to be a little bigger. This is actually the worst view of the car, and it still looks great. Even in red.
JB auto styling vote: A
 Not really ugly, but also not the best looking SUV Mercedes ever designed. I give a solid "meh" to the Mercedes ML450.
JB auto styling vote: B-
 I love this shot. I can clearly tell what car this is just by this small amount of car. That is a sign of very distinctive styling. And it looks awesome. Can you tell me what it is?
And now for my Chick Car Section. This photos were taken one after the other...maybe OC has a lot of female drivers. This is a Subaru Outback. Or is it a Legacy? Geez, if I don't know, then not many people do. Not a bad design, just not a very striking design. JB auto styling vote: B-

 Mazda 3. Must be a generational thing cuz my sons both love it. I, once again, don't understand it. Sorry, my sons.
JB auto styling vote: C+
 Quickly becoming the Buick of my generation, the Lexus LS400. The Buick was the Buick of my parent's generation.
JB auto styling vote: B
 BUSTED!!! Yes, every Drive By Shooting event I get caught at least once. This Lexus RX400 driver got me. I have no idea why so many people bought these things. I guess I just don't understand Lexi.
JB auto styling vote: B
And finally, a Chevrolet Tahoe. Pretty pleasing to the eye, good styling if a tad bland. Guess that'll cost it the A I thought about giving it.
JB auto styling vote: B+

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