Friday, December 3, 2010

LA Auto Show: Jaguar

 Here is the new Jag show car, powered by electric motors and gettings tons of press right now. For good reason. This gets my vote for best concept car of show. I just love it.
Especially from this angle, it is a real looker. Love the wheels, the back window, the taillights. And the green stripe in the tires, what a detail!
 Almost the same angle, but another shot that I just love. The comments from those standing around this were superb. Everyone was drooling.
 If there is a weak angle to this design, this is it. The headlights and side openings are more angular, seemingly incongruous with the soft gentle sexy curves of the rest of the body. It leaves me scratching my head a bit.
 But all is forgiven when the car is turned just a bit more so that those magnificent curves again overwhelm the senses. Thank you Jaguar for all this eye candy.
 Okay, just one more shot of that gorgeous rear. Baby got back.
 And now, here is the top contender for Our Next Car. Yes, we've talked about this car for over a year now, and as far as I can tell it is still top contender. This is the interior of the Jaguar XF. It is a 4-door, which everyone around me has been impressing upon me as a requirement next time around (we currently have no 4-door cars, and only one car with a back seat - a Mustang!).
This XF was metallic black which, as I stated before, is a favorite color of mine. I really like the styling. This car is supposed to get revised headlights (more like the Jag XJ) and LED taillights next year. You can bet I'll be watching.

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