Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drive By Shooting: Oceanside

 And then, in the blink of an eye, the sun set. It is amazing how quickly it goes down once that orb hits the horizon. It seems like under 60 seconds. This photo was not enhanced - those are the actual colors recorded by the camera.
 Just before that photo, I took this one with just a sliver of the direct sunlight peeking through. It's nice not to drive sometimes...if I had driven, I would have missed this sunset.
 And finally, the orange sky defining a sharp line against the deep blue ocean. What a world. What vivid colors.
 And then we were driving through Oceanside!
 A silver fifth generation Corvette Z06 making it's way south.
JB vote: B+ (a red coupe is an A!)
 An Explorer pickup - something I never quite understood but hey, somebody likes'em. More power to'em.
JB vote: B-.
 And one of the many Chargers we passed.
JB vote: B (most any other color would have been an A!)
 A new Chrysler Town & Country. It actually doesn't look that bad in this dark color. But the styling is still bland unfortunately. What happened, Chrysler?
JB vote: B
And finally, a Lexus ES300. A very feminine car, but it looks pretty good in this color.
JB Vote: B+

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