Friday, December 3, 2010

LA Auto Show: Saab and Audi

 Here is a car that has been a contender for Our Next Car: the new Saab 9-5. The photos of it have looked very nice, it is the right size, and it has four doors. This is my first time seeing it in far so good.
 But when I sat in the car, it didn't feel quite, well, quite 'me'. It still had a few of the Saab quirks (see the air vents?) that appeal to Saabofites, but really don't resonate with me too well.
 Is it crossed off the list? Well, no. But it probably got dropped down a few notches based on this experience. And having Saab as an independent car company with an unclear future sure doesn't help matters much.
 Now here is a car I have really liked lately: the Audi S5 coupe. There is a new silver one in my parking lot at work, and it looks gorgeous. But as gorgeous as it looks, it looks even better in red!
 In side view, there is not a bad line or angle on this car, from end-to-end. It is one magnificent couple.
 In rear view, it looks good too. I wouldn't call it a standout look, but it is appealing. Especially in red.
 Where I've always had issues with Audi is the front end. To me, it is just plain ugly. And those silly LED swoops they've been adding don't help matters much, in my book. They are like BMW in that they've developed a front end trademark look and they stick with it come hell or high water. Come, guys...adapt to the car! Go with the flow! Quit being so anal!
Interior is not bad, but not a oh wow either. The cluster in front of the driver either looks sad-eyed, or racoon-eyed, I can't decide which.

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