Thursday, December 2, 2010

Contenders For Our Next Ride

 So. We'll have the Mustang paid off in 2011, and we really need a 4-door. What are we thinking of getting? Well at the top of the list is the Jaguar XF. A very nice car and I've always wanted a Jag. So right now, that's what we're leaning towards.
 Second on the list is the BMW 5 series. I've never been much of a BMW fan, but I'm really liking the new 5 series. The exterior is great (except for that standard kidney grille) and I love the dash.
 Third on the list would have to be the Volkswagen CC. Another brand I've never considered, but man do I love the new CC. So on the list it goes.
 Fourth on the list is the Audi S4. Now I really like the 2 door S5, but the 4 door is only OK in my book. I will consider it, but I don't consider it a strong contender at the moment.
Fifth on the list is the Saab 9-5. As I said previously, it faded fast when I sat in it at the show, but who know maybe I just wasn't feeling it that day. So it stays on the list by a hair.
Now, all of this assumes that my wife decides to wait on the Challenger. She really wants a black one. But she wants a 4 door more, so I think the Challenger purchase will be postponed. But we'll see. We still have a bit of time before we buy.

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