Saturday, December 4, 2010

LA Auto Show: Foose and BMW

 We were surprised to come across a custom creation by Chip Foose. He is my all-time favorite customizer, and we watch his show 'Overhaulin'' all the time. He is an amazing artist who does sketches that are out of this world. And his ability to translate those sketches into actual creations, well that make him unique indeed.
 Top that off with a people-oriented personality and that is why I am firmly in the Foose Fan Club category (if there is such a thing). This rod is a fine example of his handiwork. It appears to be purely custom and not based on any production vehicle. Great taillights, too.
 It is just lovely. Every line, every detail, every angle, obviously thought out and stressed over
 Probably my favorite angle on this car is the 3/4 rear angle. Delicious.
 And here is a sneak peek at the engine. I bet it is very loud in the cabin with that monster running! This is obviously more show car than street car, as I see no way for that engine to breath other than sucking air from the passenger compartment. Not a good thing, lol.

 I have no idea why I decided to throw the next gen BMW 6 series concept in with this post, but I did. This is another car with delicious lines, and I'm betting the production version out next year looks just like this. It looks production ready.
 The lines are pure luxury sport, which is a combination I am very attracted to and always have been. I could easily see this car being my daily driver.
The new signature BMW taillights are awesome, in my little opinion. Great job, BMW.

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