Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rome: Walking Around

 Several times, we just walked around Rome. Here are a few pictures from those walks. This first photo is taken at Palazzo Altieri.

 We were never able to determine the names of these ruins, but they are located between the river and the Theatre of Marcellus. Note the use of wood to hold back the crumbling earth.

 Same ruins, and here is the part that fascinates me.

 What are these? Are these sink basins, with hooks for towels? Stables with food basins for horses and hooks to tie the horses? It is amazing that these have survived 2000 years. Anyone know what they are?

 Perhaps they are a part of the Theatre of Marcellus, since they are so close?

Maybe the "parking garage" for the theater - for horses?
 More Italian poppies!

 An intersection nearby.

 And here is the Theatre of Marcellus. It appears to me that little samples have been cut from its face - perhaps to repair more contemporary buildings? It is a shame.

 The Theatre of Marcellus is an open-air theater built in the closing years of the Roman Republic, completed in 13 BC. Space was cleared for the theater by Julius Caesar, but he was murdered before it was completed. The theater could hold 11,000 spectators.
 Like other Roman theaters, it had an architecture that allowed views of the natural setting, in this case the Tiber Island. In the middle ages, the ruins were used as a fortress of the Fabii.

 A front view of the theater. Apartments now occupy the upper portion.

 A peek at the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II.

 These are the steps to the Santa Maria in Capitolio, completed in the 12th century. The interior arches are supported by columns, no two alike, that were scavenged from the Roman ruins.
 In the Middle Ages, criminals were executed at the foot of the steps. A tomb designed by Michelangelo is located inside.

 The Tiber River.

 Walking back from the Vatican.

Interesting shoes along Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.
 Looking into a courtyard.

 We couldn't figure out what the woman on this sign is doing.

 Piazza di Monte Citgorio.

 Palazzo Chigi

 My wife on Via dei Condotti.

Piazza dello Pilotta.

Don't remember where this was!

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