Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rome: Quick Tour #1

 An excellent way to figure out what to see in a city is to take a "hop on, hop off" type bus tour. We've done this on several trips to Europe, and did it again in Rome. This is where we waited for the buis, with the Colosseum in the background.

 We took the "CitySightSeeingRoma" bus tour, which we liked alot. The busses were comfortable and it was easy to take pictures from the bus. The had two lines, the red line and the blue line, both covered by the purchase of a ticket.

 This is Circo Massimo. The building was the viewing area for chariot races that were held on a track roughly where the sight seeing bus is.

 Another photo of the Circo Massimo ruins.

 Roman columns.

 Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II.

 These are building details you don't notice walking down the street...they are too high up. But on the second level of a bus, they are at eye level.

 We walked under these manly supports many times, but didn't notice them until on the bus.

 Unfortunately, the script used makes this sign almost read "Coed Buffet".

 The road along the Tiber River.

 This bridge is called Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II.

 Castel Sant' Angelo.

 There's the Vatican!

 The bus tour goes right around the edge of St Peter's Square.

 The bus tour goes along the old Roman city walls, specifically the Leo IV walls on this map.

 They are still in excellent condition.

 A close-up of the construction of the old Roman walls.

 I love the parking spot this guy make in the middle of the road.

 Tiber River.

 One of the many small cafes in Rome.

  As always, not a post goes by without photos of Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II.

  Piazza della Repubblica.

 This monument caught my attention, so I zoomed in from the top of the bus.

 Unfortunately, it is off it the distance so I have no idea how big this golden statue is...if only I had a way to judge its size...

Thank you, Mr. Seagull!

 A rather racy painting on the front of the Museo Nazionale Romao.

 Window shopping.

 Not sure what the yellow emergency lights are for.

 Backside of Parrocchia Santa Maria Maggiore.

 Front side of Parrocchia Santa Maria Maggiore.

 Piazza Venezia. Note the white Rolls Royce. It will be important in a minute.

 And here is that white Rolls. With a bride getting a few photos taken.

 It almost looks like the chauffeur is singing in front of the car, doesn't it?

While the rest of the spectators are hugely nonchalant.

 A shot down Via Cavor with the Tower of Conti on the lef t.

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