Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rome: Colosseum - The Emporer's Seat

Another thing I had not given much thought to until we visited the Colosseum is the Emporer's location. Unlike now when the elite sit in skyboxes at stadiums (didn't the Romans put the women up high, away from the field?), the Emporer and his crew sat right at the edge of the arena floor. The Emporer entered through one of the two un-numbered arches along the exterior of the Colosseum, and walked around to mid-field.
 Let's go through the arches and see what view the Emporer would have had in Roman times.
 And here it is. Let's pan left to right...

There is a short video of this area below. The background chatter in the video I took must be very much like Roman times - it almost makes me feel like I was there.

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