Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rome: Piazza della Venezia

 Also on our first day in Rome, we visited the central piazza of old Rome - Piazza della Venezia.

 On the south edge of this piazza sits the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, celebrating the unification of Italy.

 This monument sits atop a very high knoll and can be seen from virtually anywhere in old Rome. It helped us keep our bearings many times.

 At the opposite end of the piazza sits Via del Corso, another famous and upscale shopping district that borders the Spanish Steps shopping area.

  Via del Plebiscito makes a T with Via del Corso.
 Looking the other direction on Via del Plebiscito.

 Looking into a courtyard of a building bordering Piazza della Venezia.

 Heading out to dinner one fine evening

  This building holds the balcony where Musollini gave rabble-rousing speeches to his supporters (the Black Shirts) and declared war on Britain in 1940.
 Mussolini, giving a speech from the balcony.

Another shot of that balcony.

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