Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rome: Spanish Steps

 Straight up the street in this photo are the Spanish Steps, a famous landmark in Rome. It also marks the most upscale shopping district in the city, with shops like Armani, Prada and Gucci within a block or so.

 In fact, here's Prada now!

 We arrive about mid-day, and the place was very busy. And very warm. Notice how everyone is sitting on the shady side of the steps.

Here is my good spirited beautiful bride, who puts up with my dragging her around morning, noon, and night when we are on vacation. We don't rest!

 There are also many hotels and restaurants in this area, they would probably be worth checking out but might be fairly pricey.

 Some fabulous shoes!

 About this time in our vacation, we had run out of ibuprofen so we went on the hunt for a pharmacy, marked with a green cross all over Europe. Three blocks or so from the Spanish Steps, we found the green cross! We could not find any ibuprofen or aspirin of any kind on the shelf, so we had to figure out how to ask for it. We were finally successful.

 A beautiful shot the other direction from the pharmacy.
 We then headed down this street - Via Mario de' Fiori - on our way to Trevi Fountain.

Another example of the walking surface in Rome.

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