Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rome: Colosseum Climbing

One afternoon, we walked over to the Colosseum in a spare moment we had. To my surprise, ther looked to be about 15 men on the third level exterior. At first, I thought they were cleaning the Colosseum, but that didn't make sense since they were on a section that had already been cleaned. And why send up 15 men?
 So we sat there and watched for awhile, and it finally dawned on me that they weren't the cleaning crew, they were firemen.
 They were spending quite a bit of time securing ropes, etc., that were hung from the top of the can that be good for it?

 It them became apparent that they were about to go down the face of the Colosseum.
 The man who appeared to lead the whole event would take out a camera every so often and take photos.
 This rather annoys me, as they are putting unnecessary stress on the fragile 2000 year old exterior of the Colosseum. Those feet on the bottom side of the ledge have to be loosening material. My respect for firemen has plummeted in recent years for a variety of reasons, but this really put another ding in their armour in my opinion...topped off by their failure to respond to the fire alarm outlined in my first Rome post. Priorities.
A row of fire vehicles parked below the area they were rappeling.

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