Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rome: Vatican

 Our second day in Rome we went to the Vatican. This is St Peter's Square.

 Believe it or not, we went through the Vatican Museums first and decided to hold off on going to St. Peter's Basilica for another day...then we forgot to go back!

 I have read that the dress code for the Basilica does not allow shorts, which we both wore, so we may not have been able to get in since that is all we wore in Rome. That is different than the dress code at the Duomo in Milan - all that they cared about was that shoulders were covered.

 My wife at St Peters Square.

 Me at St. Peters Square.
Taking a picture of someone taking a picture. I

 wonder if someone was taking a picture of me?

 We made our way to the entrance for the Vatican Museums. We had 10 AM tickets pre-purchased and arrived at 9:30. They let us right in, we didn't have to wait until 10.

 As soon as you get in the door, there are a series of stairs to climb to reach this landing, where headphones were available.
 Looking a little further to the right, there was an outdoor area where people were gathering.
 Another view of that area.

Ready to view the museums? Let's start with the Egyptian artifacts

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