Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rome: Colosseum Exhibits

 There was also a big exhibit of Roman artifacts located within the Colosseum. Here is a model someone made of the Colosseum basement, showing the lifting of cages to the arena.

 These are actual pulley artifacts, including counterweights on the left.

 This is a cast (reproduction) of "The Relief of Lusius Storax". It commemorates the gladiator games he held in the city of Teate, aka Chieti. The relief dates to 20-40 AD.

 A column in the exhibit area. Note the straps holding the pillar together.

 Frescos depicting the dioscuri and Achilles, from the House of Dioscuri in Pompeii (62-79 AD).

 Fresco depicting Achilles on Skyros. From House of the Dioscuri in Pompeii (62-79 AD).

 Fresco depicting chariot race. From Hose of the Chariot Race in Pompeii (68-79 AD).

 Corinthian capital from what is referred to as the "Villa of Nero" in Subiaco.
Another photo of it.

 Statue of an ephebe. From what is referred to as the "Home of Nero" in Subiaco.

 Decoration from a fountain in the shape of a ship's prow. Excavated between the Colosseum and Caelian Hill in 1881.

 Corinthian capital. From the Severan structure on Palantine Hill.

  Inlaid pilaster - parian marble with porphyry and serpentine slabs. From the Domus Aurea in Rome, first century AD.

 Surviving rooms in the Domus Aurea.

Bust of Nero, from Olbia forum. 54-59 AD.

 Terracotta lamps.
 Heads, some of which were found at the Colosseum.

 Hunting scene mosaic. Inscription refers to a celebration of the 20th year of Antoninus Pius' reign. The symbol refers to the death of the animal, and the V the victorious huntsman. From a Praetorian camp in Rome, 2nd century AD.

 As further evidence that animal hunts did indeed occur in the Colosseum, these bones have been excavated from the site.

 Skull of a horse, from the south drain of the Colosseum, 4th or 5th century AD.
 Skull of a bear, from the Colosseum south drain. 4th or 5th century AD.

 Lower jaw of a boar, Colosseum south drain, 4th or 5th century AD.

More terracotta lamps.

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