Friday, June 17, 2011

Rome: Vatican Museum - Religious Artifacts

 About this time, we were ushered through a narrow passageway with maps and tapestries on the wall, along with dozens of tour groups.

 It was impossible to stop and admire anything through here, as the momentum of the crowd would not allow it. I was able to snap a couple shots of the great ceiling, though. And this video isn't even the worst of it!

 Terracota lamps, like those at the Colosseum. My Japanese professor mentioned previously said he owned one of these from ancient Rome. He also said he dropped and broke it. :-(

 A view out the window at the Vatican grounds.

 We took a Vatican flag to the moon?

 I was also surprised to see how many Vatican gift shops there were - we must have passed 8 or more walking through the museum.

 I couldn't pass one of these stores without thinking of the Stone Temple Pilots album, "Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop". I wonder if they carry that CD?

 Another gift shop.

 Replica Roman busts in the gift shop.

 The collection of triptyches at the Vatican were the best I had ever viewed, just awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog and fotos (JL from central Spain)