Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ron Buys a Charger

 Our son Ron came down from Chico this summer with three goals: to look over the larger number of Chargers available in Southern California, to buy one, and to visit Troy. He was successful on all counts.
 And what a nice car he selected. He picked out this 2009 Dodge Charger Deep Water Blue Pearl SXT. It is absolutely a great car all the way around - how it feels, how it drives, and how it looks.
 We lack a 4-door in our household (we have a Mustang, a Vette, and a regular cab Silverado) so we've been discussing adding a 4 door to our collection. With all the visitors we had this summer, we really needed a car that seats 4-5 people. A Charger identical to this one would work quite nicely.
 Ron has always been a Chrysler fan, and I guess I didn't realize just how much until now. He loved the Viper, the Ram, the Stratus, and a few other cars in between. We know that the Charger will be redesigned for 2011, but he loves the current car so much he wanted to make sure he got one.
 Marcy seemed to give her stamp of approval too as she came out with us for the photo shoot in front of our house.
 We all love that aggressive front end.
 He's been without a car for about a year now, and is getting to a point in his life where a bicycle just doesn't cut it in all situations. Chico is very easy to do on a bike, but it probably isn't the best thing for dates. lol
 Anyway, congrats, Ron. You made a very wise choice. Please don't get angry if I buy one, too.

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