Monday, August 9, 2010

Jerry and Patty Visit Troy

 The last weekend in July, my father Jerry and his new wife Patty came to see their first great grandchild, Troy Barker. Troy was his typical angel self and put on a great show for us all.
 As we noticed when our son Ron arrived a week earlier, Troy is pretty stand-offish for about 24 hours with anyone new. But the second time he sees you, you're A-OK in his book.
 We also took Jerry and Patty to one of our favorite restaurants in north San Diego county, Stone Brewery. Yes, this is the building where they make their Arrogant Bastard and Pale Ale brews...and they serve some pretty mean food too. Their wine selection is quite nice, but what we usually do is order their beer sampler. And finally, their Soft & Stinky Cheese Plate is not to be missed.
Here is a great shot of Jerry and Patty at Stone Brewery.
And finally, a few videos of Troy opening the very nice presents that Jerry and Patty brought. That is Troy's mom Lucy in the black top, and my wife in the blue top:

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