Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comic-Con: Friday #6: Shrek, Goons, Angels, and Bored Models

 These models looked totally bored.

 Where else can you go and spot a very ornate pirate enjoying lunch?
  A typical store at the quiet end of the show floor.

 I followed this angel for a little ways hoping to get a good pose from her. Alas, it turns out she was really into shopping at the moment, so I left her alone.

 Love the sign on the back of the booth: "It's cute to be bored." Quick, someone go get those two models from earlier!
 Old-school Comic-Con. This is the way it was 10 to 15 years ago....just booth after booth of comic books.

 The redhead spotted my finger on the camera button and offered to pose for me....what a sweetie!
 At one intersection, a group of samurais was crossing when they ran into a group of ?plumbers? crossing the other direction. A mock fight ensued!

 Very picturesque booths.

 Finally! I caught up with Shrek and Princess Fiona!
 This family had their three daughters pose with them.

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