Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anniversary: An Evening at the Hotel Del

Once we were settled into our room, we headed out for dinner. When we got to the ground floor level, we could see the courtyard and were impressed. Very inviting! Except for the private event thing.
 We could also catch a glimpse of the courtyard-facing rooms.
 We wandered through the hotel, bought a purse at one of the shops, and ended up down by the beach. There was a Japanese couple and their son taking turns photographing each other, so I volunteered to take their photo and they accepted. Then they turned the tables and offered to take our photo, for which we weren't prepared. Nikki walked off the sidewalk and out into the sand in her high heels for this. If you detect any mind wandering in her here, it is because her heels have sank 2 to 3 inches at this point. That is Point Loma in the background.
  If you'll notice behind my right shoulder there is a wedding going on. It was so picturesque I took a few photos.
I think they were being pronounced man and wife about now.
 We walked a bit further and I glanced back...even more picturesque with the ships in the background and coastal greenery in the foreground. Snap!
 I took a bit of video too, which is attached to the bottom of this post if you're interested. ALSO...if this is your wedding...PLEASE CONTACT US and I'll give you all the photos and videos if you'd like.
 When we checked in, the front desk made reservations for us at 1500 Ocean. It is one of the two oceanfront restaurants at the Hotel Del - the other being Sheerwater. We had eaten at Sheerwater several times, so we picked 1500 Ocean this time.
 Everything tasted fabulous and it is among the best dinners we've ever had - as well as the most expensive. If you are into superb dining, give it a try.

 From there we went to the Babcock & Story bar for a nightcap and listened to a small band (one man!) play acoustic guitar. He did a wide cross section of music on that acoustic.
 And then we headed back to the room. We stopped along the way for a photo op in the hallway.

 And then continued up the stairs to our room, numbered 3222 even though it was on the second floor. ?
 She still has a spring in her step after walking in heels all evening!

Goodnight, everyone.

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