Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comic-Con: Friday #1: Looking Around

 So what is the main floor like at Comic-Con? Well it looks a lot like this. Badges are handed out upstairs on the Sail Patio, then an escalator is taken downstairs to the main floor. This is what it looks like when you first enter.
 Walking a little bit, it does start to get busier.
 And the the costumes start appearing!
 Of course there are comic book booths, but there are quite a variety of other things for sale also. Artwork...
 ...costumes. These are actually quite high quality and mostly leather here in this booth. In fact, I bought a very long, very heavy leather jacket (think The Matrix) that I intend on wearing for Halloween.

 Found him!!
 There were also lines here and there, though we didn't take the time to figure out what most of them were. This appeared to be a line for Bob's Burgers, a new show next year.

 And there was quite an exquisite area for the upcoming Tron movie. I really liked the original, at least the graphics. Don't remember much about the plot.

 Suddenly, I feel like playing video games!
  I must have ran into this character a dozen times over the three days I was there, and for some odd reason this is the best photo I got of him. ?
There was more than meets the eye in this display.
 I missed by about 10 seconds getting a photo of the cutest little girl standing next to this pink pony. Oh well.
 This is a photo of Nikki getting bumped from behind. I stopped suddenly and swung the camera around to photograph her. Unfortunately, the guy behind her didn't stop.
 Avatar display.
 A much better photo of Nikki.

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