Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Comic-Con: Friday #3: Ghostbusters and other attractions

 Never did figure out what this booth was about. Looked a little odd to me.

 I read that Ecto-1 was being driven up and down the streets of the Gaslamp on the night before Comic-Con opened. I think I would have laid down and had a heart attack had I witnessed that. This car is the real-deal, it is not a mockup of the original. It is THE original!

  Some people made their costumes completely out of fliers they gathered after they arrived.

 This is the only booth that got me angry. Anytime someone would try to snap a photo, they would hold up brochures and try to block it. So....I took a few photos anyway. Pffffft!
 I think this is some Star Trekky type guy signing autographs, but I'm not sure. that Burger King on the left?

 My beautiful wife.

 I saw Shrek! And I tried to catch up to hi, but was not able to do so. He moved fast!

The Star Wars booth had a plastic enclosure you could stand in to be photographed as your very own action figure.

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