Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comic-Con: Quick Tour

Not wanting to wade through 18 posts on Comic-Con? Follow the quick links below to see things that may interest you specifically.
Avatar, and more Avatar (movie)
Batman, Batman, Batman, and more Batman (movie)
Cat Woman, and more Cat Woman (movie)
In Person: Chevy Chase
In Person: Community cast
In Person: Kate Sagal
In Person: Kevin Sorbo, and more Kevin Sorbo (movie)
In Person: LL Cool J, and more LL Cool J (movie)
In Person: Nikki , Nikki , and more
In Person: Pauly Perrette, and more Pauly Perrette (movie)
In Person: Seth Green

1 comment:

Mike said...

You need a "Hot Girls In Costumes" link ;-)