Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comic-Con: Friday #2: More booths, more costumes, and Seth Green

 We were surprised to see a huge statue of He-Man, a character that was very big among 4-8 year olds when our kids were little. We watched plenty of cartoons and had many an action figure of He-Man and She-Ra.

  In general, the crowds were moderately heavy in this section of the main floor.

  Things did thin out a little bit as we headed west, but not a lot.
 The Sideshow booth was huge and had many well-done small statues that could be purchased for $200 and up.

 An interesting group of characters we stumbled upon.

 This early teen was with his mom and brother. As soon as his mom saw my itchy camera finger, she whirled him around and struck this pose, probably all within 2 seconds. I was shocked the photo was not blurry and that his pose looked perfected! Thank you, mom!

 There was quite a bit of activity around this booth and as soon as I could get a glimpse, I noticed that Seth Green was the cause.

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