Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comic-Con: Saturday (Chevy Chase, Community, LL Cool J, Kevin Sorbo, more)

 Saturday as soon as we arrived (we hadn't been there 10 minutes), we walked right by the cast of Community signing autographs. I know many of the faces, but the only one I know by name is Chevy Chase. As you would expect it was buzzing with activity and exciting to watch.
 Then I spotted Jack and pointed by camera in his direction. It was only after I snapped the photo that I realized that there was someone else posing for me...
 So I took the opportunity to take a photo of her. Jack who?
 At one intersection Scooby Doo ran into a bevy of beauties and they all posed for someone's camera...I took advantage of the moment and snapped one of my own.
 It was then my wife spotted LL Cool J which I discuss in the Movies post below. Now I'm not much for noticing when a man is handsome, it is not my area of expertise. But he sure struck me as a good looking man. And he seemed sincerely nice.
 If you look closely, you'll also notice that he has two bodyguards, in the dark gray/black suits.
 I was even given enough time to get in several good shots, like this one...
 ...and this one before I figured I had best give someone else a turn so we moved on.
 Pictures in a booth not too far from there.
 I have no idea why I snapped this photo, but this woman appears to be very happy. I'm glad I captured the moment.
 Loved this little boy's costume! I was able to find a split-second where the crowd split in order to get a photo.
 My friend dating back to my college years, John Atkinson, currently on the phone with his wife Mary who was upstairs waiting for one of the panels. She is a big fan of Dexter, so that may have been where she was. My wife is standing next to John.
 This man was very tall and broad and make quite an impressive site in that bright yellow costume, though I don't know the character he is portraying.
 An awesome costume sitting at a lunch table.
 From the photo, she looks like a mannequin but I can assure you she was real.
 A shot of her from another angle. Love the shoes.
 All the little girls, and even the woman, loved the princesses.

 First I caught sight of the shoes, then when I got a chance I panned up to see who wore them.
 There she is signing autographs.
 Just caught a glimpse of her as she walked briskly by.
 And then we saw Kevin Sorbo. My wife is a big sci-fi fan, so even I recognize his face from when I pass the TV screen while she's watching.
 There appeared to be several other stars in the same booth, but I don't watch the shows enough to know who they are. Please enlighten me if you know.

 The guy on the left looks especially familiar.

 This is an extremely awesome physique....those shoulderblades look unreal!!
 When he noticed me taking his photo, he posed!
 Everyone laughed as they came around the corner to see this display. Everyone loves the Muppets!
 Great photo, but they really come alive in the "Inflatables" video below.
 This gentleman was extremely tall so I tried to capture it in pixels. Unfortunately, the photo is not near as impressive as it seemed in real life.
The women flocked around this booth so I figured these must be well know figures, but I am at a loss for who this is signing an autograph. Again, if you know please tell me.
 This guy too. Who is he?
 Back to the first guy...
 Now, from the ad in the booth I could figure out this guy's name is Sean Patrick Flanery. But that means nothing to me. Guess I don't watch his show.
Another shot of him that I happened to take when someone else's flash was going off. It made for a pretty cool effect.

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