Wednesday, July 20, 2011

London: W Hotel - Inside & Out

 This is where we stayed - the W Hotel Leicester Square. The room with the red lights is the Wyld club. We think. We never made it there, as we always had too much fun in the W Lounge to even try the other club!

 Here is the exact opposite corner of the building during the day.
 The entrance is the dark area towards the center of the building, on Wardour Street.
 The backside of the building, towards Leicester Square. LS was closed for remodeling while we were there, probably prepping for the 2012 Olympics.
 Once we entered the building, we checked in at the lobby, on the 2nd floor.

 The elevators were very nice...

 Up we went to the 4th floor...

 We should say that the staff at the hotel - checkin, W Lounge, room service - were all first rate. We've never had better service and would highly recommend a stay here to anyone who likes a modern, lively atmosphere. Our stay was phenomenal.

 Upon exiting the elevator, the 4th floor lobby was just as intriguing.

 The hallway towards our room. And yes it was this dark!

 Room numbers looked like beacons of light!
The uniqueness of the architecture made the hotel visible from blocks away. I'm standing close to Picadilly Circus when taking this photo.

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