Monday, July 18, 2011

London: Royal Mews - Bays and Grays

Here is a fun thing to do in London: Visit the Royal Mews! That's it straight down the street, behind that group of people.

 Upon entering, the first thing you see is this large room where the royal horses are cared for.

 There are two types of royal horses: Windsor Grays and Cleveland Bays - named after their coloring. This is a photo of a Cleveland Bay.
A couple of stalls down are some Windsor Grays.

 Traditionally, only the Queen is pulled by the rare Windsor Grays, though she did lend a few to Will and Kate for their big day.

 Horses are rotated in to these double stalls where they can be seen by visitors.

 Here is the courtyard in the center of the Royal Mews.
 The old single stalls, seen here, are no longer used for horses. And besides, they spend most of their time frolicking in even larger areas outside of the visitor perview.

 This equipment is still in use today, giving loving care by a dedicated staff.

 They had a few displays on the history of the Royal Mews. Including one of the staff from 1848.

The Royal Mews gift shop.

And now for a few videos of the horses. This first horse seemed to stare at me while I filmed...

Even when I went to film his stablemate, he still seemed to stare at me!

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