Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beatles in London: 57 Green Street

Now let's head on over and see a few Beatles sites! Two of them are within easy walking distance of the Marble Arch tube station.

The Marble Arch tube station is on Oxford Street, a very famous clothes shopping district that we've visited before.

A good reasonably priced area if you want to pick up a few clothes.

 Walking down 2 blocks, we turn off Oxford heading for 57 Green Street. There is a new department store being built right out front, on Oxford. The sounds of clanking metal and welders filled the air.

 And this is 57 Green Street. This is the first place the Beatles lived after leaving Liverpool for London in 1963, and is the only place they all lived together in London.

 Looking right down Green Street.
Looking left up Green Street

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