Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beatles in London: Getting To Abbey Road and 7 Cavendish

 Abbey Road and 7 Cavendish are quite close together, so we found the nearest underground stop on the map (St. John's Wood on the Jubilee Line) and headed out from our hotel room. What we didn't know was that the Jubilee Line was closed! We didn't bring our map with us, so we used the subway map to find the next closest stop. Big mistake, as the map is not to scale and severely warps the perspective. We ended up getting off at Camden Town and, while it is a pretty area, we would NOT recommend using that station as it was at least a half hour walk to Cavendish. Instead, use Maida Vale if St John's Wood is closed.

 Maida Vale is on Elgin Street and is only about a 5-10 minute walk to Abbey Road and Cavendish Avenue.

 Some photos I took in front of the Maida Vale station. It is really quite picturesque.

 Now let's head northeast on Elgin Street, which turns into Abercorn Place.

 Not sure exactly what the woman with the suitcase is doing, but here is a church along the way.

 Maybe it's just me, but I can almost hear Beatles music coming from the area. Did their surroundings impact their thought process? I do believe it did.

 I found this interesting. The family can't afford to fix the dilapidated garage, but they can afford two M-Bs!

 A particularly good looking Smart.

 We've now turned from Abercorn Place right onto Abbey Road. Here is Abbey Road Church.

  Like Ghostbusters, They're Back!

 Tourist graffiti along Abbey Road. I can see why someone wrote this. It does feel a little bit magical there. It really does.

More graffiti on Abbey Road. Now, let's walk on by the Abbey Road Beatles landmarks and start at Cavendish Avenue, shall we? See you in the next post!

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