Sunday, July 17, 2011

London: British Museum, Parthenon Analysis

Here is a recreation of a corner of the Parthenon. Doesn't it look like there are Legos involved? Now we know where the concept came from!

 What appears to be the top to an original Parthenon column.

 Somebody has spent a lot of time doing analysis on the west frieze!

 An interesting discovery: the statues on the Pantheon once were painted!

 Now the theory is that was the intent of the original Parthenon designers to have the statues painted, and that may well be true.

 What no one appears to be considering is that maybe the statues were not ORIGINALLY painted, but were painted decades or centuries after it was built.

 Other Parthenon fragments.

It seems unbelievably stupid to use the building as an armament, but that's history I guess. Very stupid. And a little propoganda as to why the removal of the marbles by Elgin was a good idea.

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