Sunday, July 17, 2011

London: British Museum, Egyptian Collection

 The British Museum has an amazing Egyptian collection, and I've only captured a small fraction of it here.

 An Egyptian mummy.

  very interesting exhibit shows the animal mummies made by the Egyptians.

 Mummies of a fish and a kitten.

 Baboon mummy, with an alligator mummy partially visible also.

 Mummy of a young bull.

 Falcon mummy.

 The British Museum has an exhibit of Egyptian skulls.

 I put this on par with the Vatican displaying Egyptian mummies, but no Italian corpses. "It's okay to show theirs, but not ours."

 Until I found this display - a skeleton from Barnack, Cambridgeshire, England dating to 2350-2100 BC. At least the British Museum also showed a skeleton of someone native to England!

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