Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beatles in London: Abbey Road

 This is the location where the famous cover for the Beatles "Abbey Road" album was shot.

 As you can see, the zebra crosswalk is still there and the location looks much the same as it did in 1969. What is much less obvious is that most of the people milling around are American tourists, waiting for their chance to get a photo in that famous crosswalk.

 Including us. Here is my wife. I'm not good at posing, so my photo is omitted to save your poor eyes.

 The woman in red, also from the states, offered to take our photo. She did a good job, but again I can't pose. I took photos of her and her husband with her camera, too. We were there at about noon on a Sunday, which isn't too bad of a time. But we can tell you that drivers were getting frustrated with the Americans posing in the middle of the crosswalk. Do yourself a favor, get up bright and early and get there at about 8 AM on a Sunday morning. Much less traffic.

 I usually don't bore you with my bad shots, but this one came out rather artsy.

From 1969

Listen for the car horns - motorists angry at the tourists posing in the crosswalk!

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