Saturday, April 23, 2016

Napa 2016 - V. Sattui

 We decided to visit Napa in the spring this year.  We usually go in the fall, but sprint worked out better for us.  It is my new favorite time to visit!  It was very beautiful!

We awoke at 4 AM to catch our flight and arrived in the Napa Valley around noon.  First stop: V. Sattui.  We had forgotten until we arrived, but we had been there years ago.
 Their tasting room was really hopping even before noon.
 I love this photo of my wife.  The first taste of wine really helped us forget the early morning awaking and flight.
 I had no idea they held river cruises.
 Their barrel room.
 We hadn't eaten since we left San Diego, so we were starved.  We bought an Italian sandwich that was phenomenal!  The other sandwich was great also, but the side dishes were so-so.
 We ate out in their grass area.
 My wife by the fountain.
 A passerby offered to take our photo.
Our rental car - a Fiat 500X.  That car was great fun!

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